Marivell is an amazing person they are always there right you no matter what they can be kind and funny when you first meet them but when you really get to know them they are loving and really protective for what and whom they love
Marivell is so nice and everything I could ever have
by Honstley true April 3, 2018
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A funny and cute girl. Usually from LA so be careful cause she can most likely kick your ass so don't let looks fool you.
Person 1: damn is that Marivel?

Person 2: yeah she's cool but she can be savage so be careful
by Eggplantsquad October 29, 2015
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Marivelle is a kind sweet bitch that is kinda ugly but can and will fight a hoe but also is very kind. Marivelle usually has a boyfriend named gabe or juan or joey but she is not afraid to check their damn phone so boys get ready for marivelle
Hey...marivelle...I WANNA FIGHT YOU!!!
by Jadelyn litchenburger April 26, 2018
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Marivelle is a girl who will show you that she is loyal, goofy and very outgoing. Marivelle is awkward yet cute, and she can be slow at times. She will love you hard and remind you of how much she loves you non-stop, she has a boyfriend named Jeshua he’s really awesome and will kill you if you mess with her…so be aware. She’s beautiful in many different ways like her personality, the way she does things and even the way she walks like a pigeon ;).
Marivelle = beautiful and extravagant and awesome and cute and funny asfk
by Sharkbaithoodiehaha September 23, 2021
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