The slang term for the result of crushing the Cannabis plant's roots, stem, and leaves
There are three different species;

Cannabis Sativa, which is what makes you high and gives you the munchies,

Cannabis Indica, which is more of a depressant, and

Cannabis Ruderalis, which really does nothing if ingested or smoked.

It is popular to cross breed Sativa and Indica, which is what most users buy.

The effects associated with Marijuana are;
-An increased heart rate
-Muscle relaxation
-Dry mouth (Or "Cotton Mouth")
-Reddening/Irritation of the eyes (Also an after effect)

It is notable that while if you're obese, you may get a heart attack, but it is extremely difficult to overdose on Marijuana.
Marijuana's in tea, joints, spliffs, and mixed with tobacco. Spanish for "Mary Jane" (Slang). Has more slang terms than I can remember.
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A herb used by the acients of elder, to reach as it's known today "The twilight zone" where everything connects, and is one running in perfect harmony, throughout the universe. This mystical plant overpowers any other potion or remedy, it is often burnt then inhaled or consumed for a delightful sensation. Wrongly it has been outlawed across the globe, despite being far less harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol. Across time people have died because of said, alcohol and tobacco, in comparision to the death toll created my marijuana still to this day stands at 0. Open your heart, mind and soul, and stand up to facist governments, who create such bullshit and false statistics to fear monger across nations to minimalize the use of cannabis, all because it would be one bastard to tax, and when it is taxed, it does wonders to an economy. Legalize it.
Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural? - Bill Hicks
by Cookierammer October 07, 2014
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A word that apparently brings the viewers of UrbanDictionary.com out to speak their views of marijuana, only to have it littered with spelling mistakes.

Marijuana does just that to people: makes them completely retarded.
Man: lol i liek da pawt itz tha bezt n shyt
Me: what a fucking moron, lay off the marijuana stoner.
by Tex Avery December 26, 2006
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a very stupid excuse for boredom. also another word for coward which are the majority of the people who use this site which will give this definition a thumbs down.
hi i'm a coward i smoke marijuana
by |\/|477 September 17, 2008
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If your planning to skim over my definition, basicly what i'm trying to say is that Marijuana isn't addictive at first and it is probobly about as dangerous as tobacco.

To start, I want to say that America hates Marijuana and having no personal experiance with weed, some of my facts might be flawed. I studied it out of curiosity and tried to ignore all of the bias information and this is some of the most controversial information that I learned:

Marijuana most likely not initially addictive. Like sex, it can be pleasent, and is often considered addictive. After a while your body begins to associate being high as normal so it will send signals requesting more. It is a fact that tobacco is more addictive although possibly less dangerous. This is not proven though. One reason this is believed is because Marijuana is often laced in a stronger, more addictive drug to keep the clients getting more from the dealer. That is a probable reason that many addicts move on to stronger drugs.
That is all I have to say. I'm not necessarily saying that i'm pro Marijuana leagalization, but I do belive that it would be less shady and less likely to be laced with another drug. If you found my definition to be at all helpful, please give me a thumbs up. : )
by StatNerd May 05, 2010
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I'll bite; marijuana is overrated and also it makes your teeth yucky.

Marijuana smokers scream until they're blue in the face that it's never killed anybody, while writing off as coincidence that regular marijuana smokers get lung cancer almost as often as their nicotine-addicted counterparts. Or that marijuana shows up in the blood of those who cause fatal traffic accidents almost as often as alcohol.

The over-all death rate is relatively low precisely because marijuana usage is relatively low, but that will change fast if we put marijuana into corner stores as the senators recommend. The world's biggest tobacco companies have already trademarked brand names like "Acapulco Gold" so if any country ever legalises marijuana, they can move fast to get packs of 20 "Acapulco Golds" into the supermarkets next to the bananas, or to lace existing tobacco brands with subliminal levels of marijuana.

Intresting though, when you mention this to the marijuana user they always try to change the subject "Hey what about alcohol, what about smokes? I WANTS TO GET HIGH BROTHA, LET'S GET RETARDED BRO!!!" I'm not really concerned with what you do but it should be common sense to just say 'no'.
by ih8uplzdie December 09, 2004
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1. An illegal drug whether potheads admit it or not.

2. A drug that hinders users' abilities to spell even the most basic words in urban dictionary definitions i.e. alcahol for alcohol, cuz for because.

3. A drug that motivates its users to write nonsensical rambling definitions of the drug on certain dictionary sites.

4. A substance that makes users too inept to be able to make a logical argument for the legalization of the drug other than "the man is trying to keep us down man."
"Hey man, why did you flunk out of school?"

"Oh, because I was too busy smoking marijuana."
by Mr. Reality July 01, 2009
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