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A natural hemp, herb, weed grown to make one feel high, feel better and even cure sicknesses. When smoked you get a a body buzz or high. Marijuana will make one that smokes it fell high and little loose with in a minute or 2, heavy eyes lids, dry mouth, and a little hungry than usual an hour after the high, tho still high for another hour or so, it is all natural
Marijuana thc is a herb that relaxes the one that comsumes it in any way. Best way that marijuana can be done is by being smoke in a cigarillo or cigaret. Good to have something ready to drink when done. Best time smoke weed is in the mornin before breakfast.
Good to stay busy, or chill after smokin marijuana thc like talking, working, fixing something...
Best to be chillin in the shade, couch, playing video games a good movie, work around the house, working on your dirtbike, quad, go kart, even sports, that is the best way to take the high. Thats how i did it
i personally think it is a controllable substance and recommend it to any one that knows how to smoke marijuana thc.
I do not say it is a party drug, trouble making drug, fight starter, or even gate way drug
never go crazy, act stupid, or even start to trip.
doesnt really mix with alcohol but i rather smoke than drink any day.
Marijuana has never let me to other drugs, or to do crimes
by chris from madera August 17, 2007
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