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A 'marero' is just like a cholo or a vato, (black-ink tattoos of the Virgen Guadalupe/Suyapa, chino-pants, etc) only that mareros don't have enough profit as cholos or vatos.

Rumors say that they originated in L.A. barrios, but they mostly poblate Central American countries, (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc) going on rampage killing cops and other mareros.

'Mara' = Gang, therefore
'Marero' = Gangster


1) the loyal machete
2) if enough money is supplied, a cheap gun
3) a chimba, (home-made gun)
4) pocket-knives
5) anything that leaves bruises


1) celphones (in Honduras they kill you for a celphone)
2) iPods
3) wallets
4) bags/backpacks
5) shoes. yes, mareros are just like your little sister, they are crazed about shoes. give them the shoes or else.
6) anything that shines

Mareros are just like gangsters when it comes to packs, there are about 2-3 main maras (gangs), with some other smalls ones, and they don't get along.

Being robbed by a marero in Central America is no big deal. People who don't have cars and have to go by cab/foot around town get robbed every other day.
'Don't you even think about going by foot to the store with those new shoes, that place is full of mareros'

'Hide that celphone, i just saw that marero-looking dude staring'

'What happened to your shoes/backpack, brother?'
'Some mareros came and robbed me, man.'
'Oh, happened to me yesterday'
by loyda May 26, 2008
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