The best people are born on this day don’t fuck with them
“she was born on march 6th? she must be the best person ever
by Kysrei October 16, 2019
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If you are born on March 6th then you are legally the best sexiest person ever. Ur a king and everyone will love you forever
Jonny S: I was born on March 6th
Taylor D: :) No wonder
by Thepredujuciememedealer October 21, 2019
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National sit next to your crush day
Hey its March 6th!
You know that that means bro
Yes i do! Im going to go sit next to Ashley!
by owowowowowowowowowowo October 13, 2019
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1: yo when’s your birthday

2: march 6th, why

1: your dick must be massive huh?
2: yea how’d you know?
1: urban dictionary that’s how
by Nikki kaufmann April 10, 2019
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Day of the year known as “National Procrastinators Day”. If you were born on this day there is a overwhelming chance that you are a procrastinator.
I am a huge procrastinator, as evident by my March 6th birthday!
by PiscesKnowledge May 14, 2020
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The day when the gates of hell are opened and all evil is free to raom on earth for one day.
"Oh, fuck, it's March 6th tomorrow, I better get my water gun out."
by Jk's bunny teeth October 15, 2019
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Tyler, the creator aka the beat rapper of all times birthday
Person 1: Yo what day is it
Person 2: its tyler birthday

Person 1: oh ok so March 6th
by Bitch with crocs March 6, 2021
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