A word that defines the stereotype of the criminal rapper wannabe from Milan.
They usually wear tight , ripped jeans and go around yelling a lot, with their puffed-up moncler Jackets.
Almost all of them have a buzz cut with a weird tatoo, either close to the head or in the arm.
They might cause public disease and scream "PIRLA" at you, just make sure not to bother them otherwise your shit will be stolen.
Their parents are usually rich and they have a hard time picking up girls.
"Bello c'hai na siga?"
"Stai calmo, maranza"

"Bro you have a cig?"
"Chill, maranza"

"Guarda sto gruppetto di maranza"
"Look at this group of maranzas"
by Kermes March 28, 2022
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A person that wears Ray-Ban sunglasses, a white shirt and blue jeans. He smokes, he talks with a strong accent from Milan, Italy, he's always looking for FAIGA. He spends his holidays in Palma de Mallorca, Mykonos, Ponza, Santa, Forte. His friends are called Giugi, Puppi, Ninni, Caro.
He's got a lot of friends, he loves loud music, loud talking, Cappuccio and Brioche for breakfast and Negroni for the night.
Hey, Maranza, where have you been on holidays?
Woah, gonna getcha to Saaaanta. Then Poooonza. Lotta friends!
by Ste Gringo September 6, 2008
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