around or in venice. usually the kids that live there go to mar vista elementary and venice high. turn out 2 be high key beach kids
lets skate tomorrow around mar vista
by venice kid October 6, 2007
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a place on the outskirts of venice, the kids that grow up there usually go to mar vista elementary, palms, and then venice. they are usually white, or white at heart. and live in sheltered middle class homes. but they grow up in venice, and are beach kids. who never wanna leave L.A.
I grew up in mar vista, and spend all my time at venice pier and breakwater.
by VXIII October 8, 2008
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mar vista academy is a middle school located in san diego. that school has over 10 fights in about 2 months. people smoke in the bathrooms and come back hella high to class. sometimes they even ask “do i look high” bitch if you don’t want to look high then don’t smoke dumbass. anyways, there is a 7th grade teacher mr. fucking egghead. he is a science teacher and he’s fucking racist and looks like a motherfucking who from whovile. the students get threatened to get jumped and they get jumped without consent lmao. so i don’t recommend going to mar vista academy if you don’t want to get lectured by a fucking egg, get jumped, or wanna be around high students all the time.
don’t fucking go to mar vista academy a trash ass school.
by student @ mar vista academy October 27, 2019
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Mar Vista High is a school located in Imperial Beach,California (South of San Diego)it's a chill school of course every school has its diverse clicks socials(which are really deep)punks,lil cholio/as tryin to make a name for themselfs the teachers are firme too.You must must be really anti-social not to like this school like the lonely lame wrting masa.Congrats class of '11!
At the bell game/Social: 'No mames guey que chafas los raiders!'Cholo:'Simon!it's all about the Mar Vista High Marniers homes!'
by Chicana93 August 13, 2011
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a fucken gay ass school in Imperial Beach San Diego , has fucken lame ass teachers that want to rape their students, wannabe ravers, cholos (a) ,SOCIALS, fucken weirdos that go there & the security is so wack ass
by Fuckk_LoVe| August 24, 2010
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School located in Imperial Beach San Diego.

About the school:
-A ghetto ass school for fags.

-The most ugliest mascot in the world "mariners"
-Horrible sports program
-ugly school colors
-retarded students and teachers
-School is boring as heck.
-one of the schools with the worst grade in California
-And a whole lot more

If you live in the area I highly recommend you transfer to SOUTHWEST HIGH (San Diego) which is x10 better than this school.
by yoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoy August 16, 2009
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