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Relieving your sexual tension on your own. Jacking off. Rubbing one out. Masturbating to orgasm.
I haven't had a date in awhile, and was getting pretty horny. Watched some porno, got a box of kleenex, and did a manual override.
by KingoftheNerds February 04, 2014
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When your getting hot and heavy with your girl and the cum won't stop coming slowly filling your rubber, so you have to manually override your semen producers and switch condoms without stopping.
"Oh Jeez Morty *burp* it's getting pretty heavy, looks like I'm gonna have to *burp* perform a, a manual override."

"Oh jeez Rick, I mean if you really think it's neccesary."

"Trust me Morty. Now keep going."
by Ya Boi Rick August 07, 2017
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