The inabilility of those with XY (male) chromosomes to see anything that is clearly in sight. They require a XX (female) chromosome member of the population to guide their eyes to the item within plain view.
Him (while peering inside the refridgerator): Honey, I can't find the mustard.

Her: Stop manlooking. It's right there, behind the milk.

Him: Oh yes, now I see it, there it is.
by antiquelover40 November 1, 2010
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When a man looks for something and can't find it and a woman finds it right away.
Did you manlook for that? It was right there.
by Scarika December 19, 2012
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A man who constantly gazes upon other men with lust in his heart.
Reese: Why are you looking at those men?
Arjuna: Because I LIKE looking at men.
Reese: You know what that makes you then, don't you?
Arjuna: What?

manlooker manlooking man-looker
by EVOLVE December 18, 2013
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