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v. to eject a man from a place or situation

n. an outcast of the male species ie. a complete loser
v. ""John if you speak again I will manject you from the house.""

n. "God he's so pathetic Louise fat and bald. He's a total manject.""
by creepyjim March 27, 2010
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An abreviation of the two words "manly" and "subject". A manject is any subject studied at University that can be considered manly. Such as Engineering, Computer Sciences, Maths, Geology etc.

This word can be used in both male and female contexts.
Steve: "You know Anabelle? She's doing a right manject!"
Dave: "Really??!"
Steve: "yea she's doing Motorsport engineering"
by brookesbadger123 December 14, 2009
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