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(noun) the carriage a man carries 'himself' in, a.k.a. where he carries his manhood, a.k.a. his scrotum, testicles, groin, these are all synonyms of mancarriage

(this is not a play on miscarriages, which are serious business and more common than most think; approximately 1 in 6 babies are miscarried long before the mother is even aware (the following month) when the fertilized egg is washed out of the vagina instead of attaching itself to the uteran wall, being fertilized shortly before her next period.)
Oh my god!" "What happened?" "She kicked him in the/his mancarriage and he dropped like a stone." "She kicked his mancarriage!" "I played catcher in IFA sports in college and took one to my mancarriage once... Took me a good 10 or 15 minutes to walk it off."
by phillydrifter August 11, 2011
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