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A man whose wealth and/or social position allow him to pursue pleasurable social, cultural, and athletic hobbies or pasttimes, rather than employment.
Upscale skank to Majordomo: "Where's Mr. Mucketymuck this morning?

Majordomo's haughty response: "As you known, Mr. Mucketymuck is a Man of Leisure, he's getting in a round of golf prior to polo this afternoon at the club. He instructed me to have the car return you to your home whenever you're ready to depart."
by Mr. Big July 15, 2006
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Originally used to describe a man of independent wealth who could pursue whichever interests he so chose while the average man was busy working. The term was used by pimps to describe the lifestyle they had embraced.
Momma - "Boy, how you get all this money? I know you ain't workin for it."

Son - "Momma, you know I'm a man of leisure."

Momma - "Is that what they're callin it these days. You just a pimp and a mack. You ain't foolin no one, boy!"
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
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