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A space, normally a drawer, in which all men keep there manly items. Such items can include:
Porn mags

Alternatively, a drawer at a girlfriend's place where he keeps a few things for when he stays over.

"John was thinking about how to fix the TV before whipping out a screwdriver from his man drawer."

"Dave quickly shoved his porn mag in his man drawer as his mom came into the room."

"Jane insisted that Bob kept a spare pair of boxers, socks and a toothbrush at her place, designating him a man drawer."
by CharSet July 23, 2009
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That one messy drawer for the man in the house filled with crap you will hardly ever use.
Me: "What should I do with these dead batteries"
Dad: "put them in the man drawer"
by Lostathome June 19, 2014
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The name given to an object that is used in place of a set of drawers. This is usually only done by the male of the species. Mandrawers often take the form of garbage bags or the cardboard box from a carton of beer.
I'll just pop my briefs in the mandrawers. or after a finish this cast of beer I am going to use the box as a mandrawer.
by OLLiEWAGS August 13, 2008
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