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An inbred dumbass that likes to poke his mother.

A moron of the highest order; someone of low intellect and devoid of common sense
by Jason August 14, 2003
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Someone who is being forcefully manipulated in their asshole while yelling for there mammy "mommy" hence the term mammy rammer.
Mike: Hey Josh! What are doin.
Josh: Ah nothin just sittin here hangin out.
Mike: Hey did you hear what happened to Paul last night?!
Josh: No, whats up!?
Mike: I was walkin by this dark alley last night and I saw Paul bent over a dumpster handcuffed with a big black guy sticking a dildo up Paul's ass and Paul was screaming for his mommy.
Josh: What?!Man did he get the Mammy Rammer!
Mike: Yeah what a pussy!
by Team CnC September 26, 2007
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