The male version of a women's camel toe. A guy is wearing such tight pants that you can see each of his nuts.
Did you see Rick in those tight pants? He had some serious mammal toe going on!
by Weiner Dog June 15, 2004
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The unfortunate circumstance in which a man is wearing pants so tight that his testicles form the male version of camel toes.
Look at the mammal toe on Burt. The dumb ass must have put on his sister's pants.
by Doug Collins April 28, 2008
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When a male seems to be protruding his junk in a manor that is an allusion to all who gander it a gift? One could really speculate. The appearance of a camel toe,; see camel toe in urban dictionary... the distinction between the genders.........................................
Robert Plant has been known to sport the largest mammal toe that has been seen throughout the galaxy to the current star date of June 3, 2011.
by masedog8599 June 3, 2011
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A man who has a cameltoe.
That guy's pants were so tight you could see his Mammal-Toe!
by FatHairyItalian August 4, 2010
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the male version of the camel-toe. Also known as a man-gina The fat between a man's legs making it look kind of like a woman's fat vag.
That man has a mammal-toe! Look at that v!!!!!!!!
by manginalover!!!! March 3, 2011
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