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BrendonW is a mamaguebo!
by CraZy January 17, 2004
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It literaly means Cock Sucker in spanish.

Its a curse word that is more offensive in some countries but less offensive in others. Sometimes it is used as a term of endearment while still being rude.
"Coño mamaguebo, tu no llama a nadie". "deja la mamaguebada tuya coño". "Los venenzolanos crearon mamar guebo entre hombres, no la palabra"
by Guebo Bueno August 06, 2015
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Typical Domincan slur for someone that sucks dick. Loosely translated from Spanish ‘mama’ meaning to suck and guebo ‘dick’
¡Cállate Mamaguebo Manny Tejeda! How can you talk with so much dick in your mouth?
by MacTheKn1fe December 07, 2018
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a second-to-none idiot.
is a 150% venezuelan word.
as a matter of fact, i lives there , and use it , let's say ... 2000 times a day. what a sweety word to my ears !!
you are such a "mamaguebo"
(translated): tu eres tremendo mamaguebo !!!
by erpollo April 11, 2004
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