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The best Graal server there is. Has a leveling system, over 125 weapons to collect, you can join nations and sieze enemy castles, and there are plenty of monsters to kill. Often mistaken for a skin disease
I have a level 20 mage on Maloria.
by Sargtlin February 05, 2005
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A Playerworld on the game "Graal(A P2P zelda rip off)"

Full of 12 year old corrupt abusive "staff" who ban you for "lagging" into or wall or telling them to fuck off, eat shit and die.

The majority of people who play on it (all) are 12 year old homosexual j3w fuckers who "LOL A TRIAL" at people who don't want to pay for a shit zelda rip off laggy peice of shit game.
Longdon is a h0bbit shagging fucktard who is shit at gfx and also has a website (

"Shockei" is a master of "leet hax" as his website clearly shows (
Also a master at sucking off Dr. Pepper bottles

Maloria So shit.
by hitl0rz October 29, 2006
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