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makenleigh is an outgoing girl. she’s literally beautiful. her dirty blonde hair and blue eyes will make you fall in love instantly. she’s a fighter. not saying that she gets into fights but she sticks up for what’s right. she loves making people laugh. she’s the type of girl with the good reputation but no one knows what she really does. she’s friends with older girls. (two years) and goes for 1-2 year older guys than her. she’s gorgeous. if you have a makenleigh in your life, hold on to her. because she’s a keeper. her freckles are adorable. she has big boobs and a nice butt. but that’s not why i like her. her personality is to die for. i hope you see this makenleigh and realize that you are amazing. please never change. i love you so much.
makenleigh is an angel!
by laaall May 06, 2019
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Makenleigh is a charming girl. She’s very sweet and good looking. Big boobs, nice booty. She’s also a good cheerleader. She’s active in sports. Does all she can do for people. Boys are CRAZYYY about her. But she’s kinda sassy, and will snap back at you if your rude or being mean to someone.
I friggin love you Makenleigh❤️❤️❤️
by Tommy☹️ May 22, 2018
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