In basketball, instead of the opposite team getting possession of the ball after a basket, the team that made the basket gets to keep the ball.
We're playing make it take it today guys.
by cherrypicker222 August 22, 2008
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1.used to describe taking a woman out to dinner, a movie, etc. and then making out with her.

2.used to describe hitting a woman/knocking a woman unconscious/killing her while in the middle of a makeout session (or even sex), usually with a knife in the back,karate chop to the back of the neck or a candle stick to the head. Although it rarely is, the expression can be used by both genders. This can be seen in horror movies such as Basic Instinct.
Q: What did you and Karen do last night?
A: I took her to a movie and got some make out take out

(While watching a horror movie)"That guy just pulled a make out take out on that girl!"
by mvwaterboy September 8, 2008
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When a male or a female creates the situation to where they can take advantage of the opposite sex for pleasure (make it) and then actually take the sexual pleasure(take it).
Friend #1: Dude, all it took was a dinner and a movie, and she was screaming my name all night.

Friend #2: Dude, you really know how to make it and take it.
by Maverickrjd November 15, 2005
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1. When a crazy old person(a grandparent, mostly grandfathers) says this they take their belts off and threaten to hit you with it. Because you did something wrong or are being a pain in the ass.

2. The cartoon Boondocks on as there is a Grand father character ti the two kids Riley and Huey. He always threatens them and others(like the pimp in one show) with this line. He then continues to whoopthem like Indiana Jones
Child: Hey grandpa...*asks a million questions*
Grandpa: Shush yo mouth!
Child: *Keeps asking questions*
Grandpa: Don't make me take off my belt!
Child: *Shuts up instantly*
Grandpa: rub my feet or I'll whoop yo ass!
by mister boondock February 15, 2006
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Looks so striking they cause people to act in ways out of the ordinary. This can mean you're attractive or butt ugly.

But it usually means butt ugly.
I went to meet Stan from Tinder but left immediately. He looked NOTHING like his pics!!! dude could make a train take a dirt road!
Guys always go crazy over Marcy! She could make a train take a dirt road.
by kloon882 April 29, 2018
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A person (girls usually) who is so attractive, people would do things out of the norm when around her.
Dang, Carrie Fisher used to be able to make a train take a dirt road
by Salsa Sorcerer April 8, 2017
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something you'd say to a hideously ugly person or somebody who has insulted you...great come back line creates luaghs to people who are near anywhere.
a ugly girl starts making fun of people and gets to one person and he says "you make me want to take a shit", whole bus laughs and she is humiliated.
by Nightmares August 18, 2007
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