A descriptive phrase for someone that is incredibly ugly.
"That girl is so ugly she would make an onion cry!"
by paddywan October 19, 2009
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Something/ someone so sad that they would be able to make an onion cry. Note: onions are famous for making people cry.
Saoirse: Have you seen Jenny is crying over her looks again?
Neil: She's so ugly she could make an onion cry.
by Bluecharge May 29, 2019
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This is the God insult say this to someone when they call you ugly or they make fun of you or anytime you want hold this insult in much respect it is very wise and all powerful use this only three times a year so as not to wear it out
Hey Mom thanks for all the help raising me you pretentious bitch fuck you , your face makes onions cry
by ThirdWheelJimothy October 15, 2021
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