Stands for Modified AK-1990. Semi-auto modified 'Sporting Rifle' version of the AKM and AK-47 assault rifle. Mostly manufactured in China by NORINCO. Internal functioning of rifle is the same as the AKM, except the hammer and trigger grouping for semi-auto, and there is no hammer retarder for full auto fire. Post ban MAK-90 rifles have a "sporter thumb hole stock" due to the ban on pistol grip assault rifles. Rifle fires mostly the Russian AK and SKS 7.62x39 round, but some rifles have been produced to fire the 5.45x39 Russian AK-74 round.
"arent AK-47s illegal?" "its a MAK-90"
by MIXA June 16, 2006
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Chinese version of the AK-47. Assult rifle. Dependable, yet inaccurate.
The magazines for my AK-47 fit my Mak-90
by teabag March 7, 2006
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