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The most feared rank in all of Halo 3. To have a Major Grade 2 you must have extremely good skill. No one is better than a Major Grade 2. A Major Grade 2 is also someone who truly understands that kills don't matter in Halo 3.
Player 1: Dude you're really bad!
Player 2: I must be good if I'm a Major Grade 2!
Player 1: You only have 5 kills!
Player 2: So what? Kills don't matter!
by T Frick January 10, 2008
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Major grade 2; The worst possible rank in Halo3. When a player gets to a certain skill point in halo3, he will realize that kills don't matter. When this happens, you can officially label him a 'major grade 2'.
The kills don't matter belief orginated with AmazingAK47- the orginal 'major grade 2'. When he was reported to have stated "kills dont matter!"
Major Grade 2's are notorious for sucking at halo3.
If you ever have a major grade 2 on your team in halo, fear for your rank, because you will most definetly lose.
AncientStag: "Dude! Your really bad!"
AmazingAK47: "I must be good if I'm a major grade 2!"
AncientStag: "You only have 5 kills!"
AmazingAK47: "So what? Kill dont matter!"

LeppyNL: Im a Brigadier grade 2! I suck at halo! I nub yes? :)?
by Matt_Xx3 January 20, 2008
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