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some who is beautiful! prettiest girls but very sensitive and emotional,they are confident and down to earth despite being very beautiful. they are hardworking as well as truly loved ones,mahnur named girls love to extremest and hate to extremest . and can be bitch with anyone.

Mahnur is a popular persian name which means light of the moon,also spelled as "mahnoor"
why is she so sober
she is mahnur.
by nawish November 24, 2011
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A really funny, open minded, laughs a little too much when she's happy, talks too much, very social kind-of-person. Loves The Weeknd and other people who rap. Probably one of the laziest people on earth. Loves her sister more than anything in the world and thinks her sister is the best thing ever. Literally. She won't listen to you unless you have something in it for her. Loves Disney a little too much. Weird, annoying, funny and lazy.
"Woah okay! Stop being a mahnur!"

"But mahnur is nice"

"Exactly but she talks too much because she is too nice"
by Sanadacool March 06, 2015
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