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Made in Chelsea is a so called 'reality' television show on E4, following the

lives of a group of cocktail-sipping, wealthy young socialites in London. It's

had six seasons, and succeeds in making its viewers feel shit about their

average lives in every single one. It somehow manages to make London look warm

and sunny in every episode, like it's L.A rather than dreary England. The cast

frequently sleep with one another, which is essentially what every plot line

consists of, and they spend most of their time slumping around exclusive night

clubs and speaking in ridiculous accents that don't exist in real life.
"Watched Made In Chelsea last night, Spencer and Louise slept together!"
"Wait, didn't that happen the week before?"
"It happens every week dude."
by Mebulapo February 03, 2014
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A crap reality television shows that airs on E4 in the United Kingdom on monday night and is centered around a bunch of young upper-class twits who've never worked a day in their lives.
Jeremy: As part of our new Labour policy we shall either abolish Made in Chelsea or put them against a wall and well you know the rest.
by MidlandsJim November 20, 2016
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A British reality television series about the lives of a group of young, wealthy men and women who make us Brits look like a bunch of posh, arrogant fools with their ‘expensive’ clothing and 100 pounds of makeup. A bit like TOWIE but more depressing.

This show has no real storyline, but if you’re interested in the same repetitive bs such as who’s cheated on who (like anyone gives a shit) as well as loads of other overly exaggerated relationship drama, you’ll love this show.
“DiD u WaTcH mAdE iN cHeLsEa LaSt NiGhT?!?!?!?!”
“No, why what happened?”
LoUiSe SlEpT wItH jAmIe!!”

“ same as every other episode?”
“....yep pretty much”
by SaltySpoon178 February 02, 2019
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