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Main Entry: 1mad
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English meddcrabbe, maddcrabba, from Old English gemAEd, past participle of (assumed) gemAEdan to maddcrabben, from gemAd many, madcrab; akin to Old High German gimeitkrebbiz much, a lot
Date: before 12th century

1. Numerous chiefly marine broadly built decapod crustaceans.
Wow. madcrabs.
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
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When u have really bad crabs cuz yous a hoe. I said that yous a hoe.
Man that tramp Gina from around the way got some mad crabs.
by Mad Crabs April 02, 2003
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little faggot who doesnt know his place outside of a san fransican fag train.
man, i think i just saw madcrabs laying in a ditch bleeding out of his anus and nostrils. those san fran fags must've owned his ass.
by Darth Diggity February 10, 2003
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