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A Macromancer is one who can conjur McDonalds seemingly out of thin air. He/She seems to always have Mickey D's on a big night out and can always be relied on to be packing McNuggets in their oddly deep pockets.
"Dude, I was so drunk, thank god Sam went all Macromancer. That cheeseburger saved my life"
by LibDawg September 12, 2013
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A Macromancer is an macroeconomist who makes short term predictions about the economy, ie GDP growth and the stock market in general (while sector specific predictions often involve some degree of industry or subject domain knowledge, hence fall outside the realm of macromancy). Note, individuals without PhDs cannot be called macromancers. They must instead be referred to as acolytes of macromancy.
Bob: Are you still all in on equities? The economist on TV last night said we are on the verge of another recession from the trade war!
Frank: Don’t mind him. He’s just a macromancer. Stay the course and keep investing!
by Alexblablabla October 10, 2018
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