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Macoo is the most funniest, strongest, nicest, realest, selfless, caring, genuine, loving, humble and wisest girl you'll ever come across in your lifetime. she prefers to keep to herself but is very open minded though Macoo chooses to be neutral. She is a real one i tell you, you can stab her in the back 20 times she'll still treat you like your gold because she is the better person and even though people will laugh at her or thinks she stupid Macoo doesn't care because her heart is the purest and will do what's right. she's a really insightful and humble individual when it comes to life. passionate, self driven and inspired. But what i really admired about Macoo is she loves hard i mean she knows who is an significant other and doesn't care about looks, status and money she cares about what is in the heart and loves deeply whether her friends, family, boyfriend or soulmate. She's beautiful inside and out the kind of beauty she holds is rare to find, girls like her only come once in a lifetime. But what saddens me the most about this amazing girl is she will die without knowing how special she was to the people who knew her and i mean the real people. When you find a Macoo don't let her go because she will linger in your mind and leave a stain in your heart, so if you find her cherish her because trust me nobody you'll meet will be anything like her.
My favorite Oromo name for a girl has to be Macoo it's such a pretty name.

Macoo is really chill and funny no girl is like her man!
by Boranaaboi45 June 14, 2018
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