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a "handlebar" style mustache. This type of mustache, during the 1970's, was quite preferable among men of many different backgrounds; however, today, is rarely found to be worn by any other than White Trash type guys. (i.e. truck drivers, construction workers, cops, and almost all trailer park dwellers) Is often accompanied by long hair, dirty, greasy clothes, and netted baseball caps.
Is it my imagination, or did every guy at that last A.A. meeting have a machostache?
by RyGuy82 August 22, 2011
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handlebar mustache; most popular during the 1970's.
This is also at times referred to incorrectly as a molestache, although the most commonly understood definition of molestache is somewhat dubious; some consider it to be a form of peach fuzz, while others maintain that it can refer to any mustache that looks creepy.
Man, I swear, every single guy living in that trailer park has a machostache, even the very few who are not alcoholics with long hair.
by August 17, 2011
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