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A straight man who exudes masculinity, virility, and strength, but expresses it not through crass behavior but rather through a desire to provide for his family, or community. He often will work with hands, and have physical attributes such as facial hair, and a muscular physique. These characteristics are not as highly refined as a metrosexual however. The musculature of a machosexual is likely to not be as defined, or obtained strictly for appearances. The facial hair of a machosexual will also be less controlled.
Vince Vaugn's character in the movie "The Breakup" is a classic machosexual.

The New York Fire Department is full of machosexuals.
by Ty June 19, 2006
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A machosexual is a man who engages in faux-homosexual activities (also known as sport) as a means of expressing repressed feelings.
Machosexuals seek male company almost exclusively and ridicule anything perceived as feminine.

Machosexual's will deny homosexuality very aggressively as typically they lack the self insight to realize this only affirms the truth of the assertion.
Other indications of machosexuality include:
Violence (esp.against other homosexuals.)
Meat Eating.
Fear of women.
"Gang banging" (So all involved can pretend to be straight.)
General aggression.
Easily confused by emotions.
Fear of ridicule by other men.

I should point out that a lot of the indications of machosexuality overlap with that of having a small penis.
Turkish wrestling is the most machosexual activity known to man.
by TheLastStraightMan November 22, 2012
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