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a snooty, arrogant mac user who paid three times as much for no right click.
Those mac fags can iFuck themselves
by Dr. Taliban March 24, 2009
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A person who buys and uses Apple computers and products, or is otherwise "gay for Apple". Usually for one or more of the following reasons:
1) They enjoy paying $3000 for a laptop;
2) They heard somewhere that macs are better for multimedia applications (Please note that it is never a good idea to confront a macfag on this matter. They will not be able to produce any reason other then "because they are" and your head will explode.);
3) They think it will impress people at the coffee shop;
4) They enjoy being different;
5) They scoff at the idea of compatible software;
6) Because macs are available in pretty pastels.
Jim: "Hey you wanna go get a cup of coffee?"
Steve: "Nah that place is full of hipsters and macfags."
by SteveJ November 08, 2007
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An inept computer user (see noob) who calls himself a geek and uses an Apple Macintosh computer.

They are mainly found on YouTube making reviews of mainly useless or unaffordable products (see tat) discussing Apple "rumours", providing viewers with "giveaways", giving updates on their boring lives, instructing viewers to follow their boring lives on Twitter and discussing how terrible a PC running Microsoft Windows is and why Macs are better in every way.

This term is not to be confused with someone who knows what they're talking about and has plenty of experience on all sides of the table, i.e. someone who is not a noob, but uses a Mac.
Macfag101 (in video): Hi guys, what's up? Today I'm going to be doing a giveaway and the winner is whoever can bitch Microsoft the most. Also coming up, a tutorial with the very original idea of how to change your dock background images, why Macs are so much better than PCs and why I don't know a fucking thing about what I'm talking about.

Non-noob viewer: Macfag, shut the fuck up.
by The World's Best Coder June 20, 2009
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obssesed with style, status, and culture and refuse to get any other product besides mac, hence their fag-ness
Craig: I'm going to go buy a new Lenovo laptop, I really like the built in GPU...(rudely interrupted)


Craig: Mac-fags..
by Convict90 August 06, 2012
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a Mac-user who is obnoxious and arrogant. They are identified by those Mac-users who insist on showing off their latest iPhone, iPad, etc. all the while incessantly bragging about Mac in an arrogant and holier-than-thou manner.

These people often drive Priuses, wear uber-nerdy close on purpose, hang out in coffee shops just to be seen, tell you how much they 'care' about the latest human rights/animal rights craze (Japan, Haiti, etc.) and always offer their unwelcome, obnoxious opinion no matter what. These tools are walking Mac commercials.
at the scene of a car accident

Mac fag: "Hey, I took some pictures of the crash."

Level-headed person: "Thanks, man, that's helpful."

Mac fag: "Check it out, if you do this with your finger you can zoom in for more detail and did you know that my iPhone 4 can even *blah blah blah* five minutes later You know the Snow Leopard OS doesn't have all the virus and security problems that a PC *blah blah blah*...

Level-headed person: "Dude, seriously. You're such a mac fag. It's really not a good time, and my PC is just fine. Stop preaching at me. There are more important things to worry this fucking car accident you caused."

Mac fag: "I get way more miles to the gallon with my hybrid and did you know that I can check traffic on my iPho-- *punch*

Everyone else at the scene of the accident: *applause*
by Monroe225 August 17, 2011
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A person that could actually afford a Macbook pro, iMac, Macpro, Mac. Enemies from Microsoft fans yet Windows 7 supporters.
Macfags are so rich, we can't afford macs but they can.
by TheKoep May 12, 2012
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