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Maansi is a cool gal. She knows how to have fun! She is intelligent and open-minded and beautiful and also she has a nice taste in shirts and really nice hair. However, she does have the tendency to pass out whenever she drinks a lil bit. Nevertheless, hot guys should date her.
She's such a Maansi omg I love her
by FancyMaansi October 28, 2015
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A huge and utter bitch, who is bossy and impeccably annoying and thinks that she is amazing.She sleeps with everyone like a slut.Ultimately becoming a total whore.
Person 1: OMG here comes a Maansi!
Person 2: And she's pulling her skirt down
Both: EWWWWW! What a slutty whore!
by Bleach and Clorox January 24, 2017
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A Maansi is a person that's a bad friend. She won't even go slightly out of her way to help a friend with something as basic as bread. Don't waste your time with Maansii, they're only in it for the free haircuts.
My ex-best friend used to be such a great person, then she turned into a fucking Maansi after she dated that weird physics guy.
by FancyMyArseM8 October 21, 2017
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