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after giving your opinion to the world via forums etc this is used at the end to say in a abbreviation "my two cents"
using h4x gets common since they r easy 2 get from google and other search engins u f00l. so y dont ya just cheat 2?
by brainfuck April 19, 2009
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Magical Creatures Club is the most badass club of all time. The select members of this club hunt down fabled mythical creatures and bag them as trophies. The club is also the reason our world isn't being overthrown by the orcs. The club is also in alliance with the elf community. You may think this is all has to do with some computer game, but no, this is real life motherfucker. M2C for life!
Person 1: Dude did you see that insane troop of orcs and chubacabras coming to raid our city?

Person 2: Yeah, good thing the M2C saved us.

Person 1: Im gonna try to become a member of the M2C.

Person 2: Your a badass.
by M2C Founder November 30, 2009
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