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actually this originated from nigeria and has its interpretation in pidgin english. its translation is Laugh Wan Kill Me Die. this means, laughing to death or extremely funny.
Miss X:tina says i cant speak well, but did u u hear her poor speech yesterday??

Miss Y:Her blunders were outrageous.......lwkmd
by sassy dhiva December 17, 2010
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Same as LWKM, but on a funnier scale. LWKMD: laugh wan kill me die. similar to lmfao, lmao, rotflmao, it's a more intense description of one's reaction to a joke.
lwkmd! that guy get plenty jokes!
by ezino January 13, 2010
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Laugh wan kill me die

Nigerians use this to express their joy while chatting as LOL has been over used.
As i saw the funny picture LWKMD
by Topzy September 23, 2009
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