short way of typing lover but cooler
hey luvr i miss you <3
by zcoolkat April 5, 2021
someone with perfectly shaped and luscious lips, as well as hot hands, and the most beautiful penis ever.
Shiiiiit. That is one fineee luvr right there.
by justamima December 29, 2005
Jihoon Lover” is a person who really loves Park Jihoon from the kpop group Treasure. They like to rant about how much they love him and how they will marry him one day !! (jokingly)
“Yeah mínty is such a jihoon luvr to be honest...all they do is spam pictures of park jihoon...”
“I know get out of here. Jihoon will never notice your ass he’s too busy working out or finding a way how to scare the rest of Treasure w his muscles 💪 ”
by jihoonluvr February 17, 2021
a healthy trio of best friends that makes people want to stan ateez, they deserve the world <3
“ omg have you heard of yunho luvr gc? they’re valid and amazing “
by t6il December 3, 2020