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lunaescence (AKA lunaescence archives) is a creative writing website, in which any member may post stories, song lyrics, or poems, the site is still small, and one of the cons is that you have to ask for a category to be made, otherwise it's impossible to find a story, or assign your story a category, and leaves one feeling limited in their search.
unlike quizilla or Mibba, It doesn't have pointless quizzes or polls, and the stories have to be checked by mods to make sure they 'good enough' for the site, and not some worthless, grammar error infested junk, so you can be sure everything on the site has some quality to it, and has been spell checked.

it can be pretty damn hard to get your story posted in the first place, you can only post one chapter at a time, and wait for someone to check it, they don't always tell you what you need to fix leaving you angry after countless failed attempts at adding the story, and not knowing what is wrong with it. either way you're at the mercy of the opinion of whichever mod gets to check your story.

You may feel frustrated by not being able to get your story posted, or feel injustice when you do stumble across the occasional crap that some how got past the security check, but all in all, so far the mods have kept the site from being turned into a garbage dump of worthless trash, unlike quizilla, which seems to have litterally died, both in substance, and function.
Linda: "ugh, quizilla sucks, ever since they changed it, i can't find anything good, and the site doesn't work half the time."

Debra: "Quizilla? When I feel like reading some fanfiction, i go to lunaescence, because i know I won't have to sort through horrible piles of garbage to find what I'm looking for."
by JelloLove November 02, 2010
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