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A guy that likes cars and has great humor he is funny attractive and awesome he is brave,tough and strong he is also really good at doing art and he is awesome in any other way
You like cars your a luie
by A dude with needs August 12, 2017
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luies are a very kind and patient people. they have the tenancies to be very protective and hover over the ones that they love. when luies fall in love they fall hard. when he finds that one girl, he wants nothing to do with any other girl except her. if it comes to it he will bend over backwards for her. luies are typically very shy but are very cute at the same time. they are addicted to video games and can be a little forgetful at times but they always make up for it. if you have a luie in your life make sure you keep him.
girl 1: omg hes so cute
girl 2: yeah he is!! i wonder if hes single
girl 1: of course not hes such a luie
by hsksjksnsjsksjsk February 02, 2018
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