- to enhance your life in a beautiful way

- to make lucid or clear. a chiller way of saying "let me elaborate" is saying "Let me lucify"

- to take lucy (LSD), to trip balls, to make life more dreamlike as in a lucid dream, taking a psychedelic journey that is often a life-improving spiritual experience

-Lucified can be used to describe the feeling of being baked, stoned, blazed, high, buzzed, blitzed

- lucification includes eating psylocybin mushrooms, the peyote cactus, or any hallucinogen, drinking coffee
Dude 1: " Bro, make sure you have money for tabs we are lucifyin' at bonaroo."

Dude 2: "Can you lucify that for me? How much cash should I bring"

Happy Person: "I had a great night of sleep and feel lucified this morning, especially after a cup of coffee."

Campers: "we should definitely embrace the ritual of lucification to become one with nature in our upcoming wilderness camping excursion"
by hustlepharaoh March 7, 2014
The plural of Satan, which also translates to every little fucking girl that likes Fred, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber.
They Lucifi, the multiple of Lucifer.
by jakens88 August 12, 2010
Lucified means: You are evil, or to make evil things, or a change in your life or attitude drastically or slowly, from good to bad. Derived from the word Lucifer.

Hey what the fuck Joe? Why you are so fucked up these days and lucified yourself doing all those sick things! Fuck!!! =P
by LucasTheChipmunk October 27, 2009
The best fortnite player in the world.
Lucify is really good at building and doing fast edits and crazy retakes he is a really fast mechanical player in fortnite he also caries his team in trio tournament or other tournaments he has 5.7k$ earned from tournaments after all lucify is the future of the Fortnite game.
Yo lucifywyd “ahh non much just winning more tournaments and getting my money”
by Lucifywyd January 3, 2021