short for Left-Right-Center, a gambling game, wherein a group of people sit around a table, each posessing three dollars. they have three special dice with an L, an R, a C, and three dots on the sides, respectively. each person rolls however many dice that correspond with how many dollars they have. if you roll an L, you give a dollar to the person on your left. If you roll an R, you give a dollar to the person on your right. If you roll a C you have to put a dollar into the middle, like the jackpot. A dot means you get to keep your dollar for yourself. The game is played until only one person has a dollar. The person then rolls one dice, and if he gets a dot or a C, he gets the jackpot. if he gets an R or L, he gives the dollar to the person and they roll the dice.
I totally won 30 dollars playing LRC
by ipodgurl January 2, 2008
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Acronym for "Learning Resource Center". A fancy-pants way of saying "library".
You should be able to find all the research materials you need in the LRC.
by JonathanChance October 5, 2003
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Living Room Concert - A term used for when a musician plays a private show often in someone's home (hence living room), or in an extremely small venue.
Did you hear? The annual Bushwalla LRC is in Chicago next month!
by yourfriendlymrazfan November 8, 2009
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LOS ROJO CARTEL or LIL red click x3 its a gang based in Denver harbor houstone texas it falls under neath the x3 its colors are red and brown{some members in the south east will wear red and blue to show love to sur x3} members will most likely were red witha brown bandanna there rivals are 5th ward BBC or baby blue crips and all so norteputos kuz we are the true red not them busters. x3 4 life la eme till we die!
la eme x3 LRC busters Denver harbor D-H
by LIL chez May 2, 2009
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An acronym meaning "Left, Right and Centre", describing situations in which events repeat themselves at a high frequency.
"Last night I was necking lagers LRC" or "Charlaton Athletic were all over Arsenal, LRC" or "I'm staying in today and tugging myself off LRC"
by Bert Mandrake August 22, 2007
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An 8+ inch cock, when soft, that will obviously blow away the competition in the locker room.
Elric and Brian were taking a shower with the varsity football team after practice, and when we whipped it out, someone yelled and pointed, "Damn!! You guys both have a Locker Room Cock (LRC)!"
by Dave Mitchells February 20, 2006
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