The ankle bracelet used as a tracking device worn by those under house arrest.
"i can't go to the party, man. I'm still on house arrest. They'll know i left the house cause of my low jack."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005
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the act of recieving a handjob from a dwarf or midget.
dude, when we were in tijuana,i so got a low jack from that dancer.
by pierced_guy_18 August 10, 2008
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Absolute shot bag he's a fuckboy who wnats to sleep with every girl and guy he sees!!!
by HappyHippo🤙🏻 April 3, 2017
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This ones interesting
A Jack low is a body shot of Jack Daniels taken from a woman's vigina or bum hole.

When your friends ask if the want to take a Jack low shot, you know the party's over...
Picture the scene, your at your mates 22 birthday party and the House lit.
( your buddy Drake who you're okay friends with only because you know that he's into some weird shit ): "yo lets step this house up with some Jack low shots!"
by Big man john March 4, 2017
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A 'Jack low' is similar to a body shot of Jack Daniels but instead of the shot been taken from someone's belly button, it is taken from either the woman's bum hole or vagina...

Hence the name 'jack' for Jack Daniels and 'low' because a woman's front and back bottoms are low down.

you know your at the wrong kinda party of people start doing Jack low's...
(Frat boy) yo everyone let's step it up to some Jack low shots!
by Big man john March 5, 2017
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