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The ankle bracelet used as a tracking device worn by those under house arrest.
"i can't go to the party, man. I'm still on house arrest. They'll know i left the house cause of my low jack."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005
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To have something taken from you by smooth talking or strong convincing. Not as violent or non-participatory as being High-jacked, being lowjacked involves ones own insecure or gullible nature.
"He lowjacked me out of my bling by flattery and making me feel uncomfortable that he didn't have any!"
by bling bling March 07, 2005
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Common misspelling for Lojack: a device to locate stolen cars, or slang for ankle cuffs people on house arrest must wear.
SEE Lojack ->
I can't leave the house when I'm on house arrest without calling my PO(parole officer), or else my Lojack will go off.
by Scrizzle McBizzle February 21, 2005
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'Lowjack' is the term used to imply that someone has you on an electronic leash.

In other words, keeping track of where someone or something is by a device.
Like... if a guy's wife keeps calling his cell, or buys him on a new pager, you'd be like "Yo, your woman got you on the lowjack!"
by H Nurse January 20, 2006
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A man who has a natural gift with women and he is often approached by women. The gift is more of a vibe or body language he puts out rather than general attractiveness and charm, but he is typically good looking. Also he is quite aware of his gift and uses it for personal gain if need be.
Did you see the way the ladies were just coming over to talk with John when we walked in here? Not to mention all the free drinks he's getting for us from the hot bartender; he is clearly the Lowjack tonight!
by Johnny Lowjack January 28, 2010
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the act of recieving a handjob from a dwarf or midget.
dude, when we were in tijuana,i so got a low jack from that dancer.
by pierced_guy_18 August 10, 2008
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