Lovex is a rock band from Tampere, Finland. The members are Theon (vocals), Vivian Sin'Amor (guitar), Sammy Black (guitar), Christian (keyboards), Julian Drain (drums), and Jason (bass). All the band members have pseudonyms and do not use their real names.

The band started in 2001-2002, when several members and one former member, who had previously played in other bands, decided to start their own band to play rock music and have fun. As of 2004 they wrote and recorded many songs, and got a record deal. In August 2005 their first hit, "Bleeding," was released to stores. Their second single, "Guardian Angel," was released in January 2006 and became a huge hit in Finland. The band's first album, Divine Insanity, was also released in March 2006.
"The name, Lovex, originally came when our first songs told something about how to succeed in love. Also there are the two words; Love and Ex. We’ve kept the name because it’s the world’s worst and best name at the same time. It’s incredibly annoying but it also sticks in you mind." - Lovex (on where the band's name came from.)
by Avadria December 12, 2006
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