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Both beautiful and lovely, a rare combination.
She is loveliful. She is beautiful but does not act like she knows it like some beautiful people, because she is also a lovely person.
by Andrew Hughes June 29, 2006
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A person who is so incredibly lovely that (a) words can't express their loveliness (b) they can't possibly be anymore lovely because they are filled with loveliness. Therefore they are LOVIEFUL.

*note: in this case lovely is the word which encompasses all the wonderful qualities in a person e.g. beautiful, attractive, enchanting, sexy, gorgeous, ravishing, glamourous, stunning, exquisite, adorable (to name a few :)).

*note 2: suitable for children between the ages 0-16. may blind their eyesight due to the free flowing expression of loveliness :)
You are so perfect you are completely loveliful :)
by cheshireXcat.11 June 05, 2010
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