1) The act of having an affair (sex)
2) A phrase you can shout out when someone is being really emotional to another person OR when someone thanks someone for something, etc.
1) Did you hear about the couple who eloped and had an affair?
2) Jordan: Thank you Tony so much for fixing my computer!!
Tony: No problem
Jordan: I can't thank you enough!
Me: Aw, Love affair!!
by Home slice July 9, 2005
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She had an Love Affair
Bro she had an Love Affair, like she just lead me on and played wit my feelings she said she love me but sh was fuckin wit another nigga that's an Love Affair
by KTDTv Nation July 24, 2021
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When a user in a message board, instant message, chat room, or email uses nothing but capital letters. The said user often uses bad English and internet slang and is often looked down upon as a newb.
User2: What?
User2: Stop having a capslock love affair you noob.
by Lee Savery February 9, 2009
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Being in love with your significant other but they're cold and distant. They really don't care about you.
Person one: I took Sally out on our anniversary to a fancy restaurant and bought her a bouquet of roses, but she seemed more interested in candy crush at dinner.

Person two: That sucks man. Sounds like a Siberian Love Affair.
by CrowJenkins January 30, 2014
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the desire of having an adventure abroad to meditate, reflect, eat out, or find one's self after watching the movie EAT PRAY LOVE
jam had an eat pray love affair and now wants to go india to recover after their breakup.
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
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