The song by the beatles that you CANNOT get out of your head no matter how much it pisses you off.
First Guy: "Love, love, love... "

Second Guy: "AARGH! No! Its stuck in my head now you wanker!"
by Damaniac88 June 11, 2005
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a way to tell someone you love them

and a really good song too ;)
all the love that harry styles has for us xx
Love Love Love -H
by obviouslylarry February 01, 2021
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Anais like pea crisps Kian is the best at wheelies in the world but he is annoying sometimes and Sophia is the best at everything except art x😂
You love love love it it one of my favourite songs rote by Kian moonan
by Kisoan October 03, 2019
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