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V. The act of two men holding eachothers meat whistles (typically over clothing) while each chug a beer. Only when both men are done their beer can they release the ding dong they are holding.

This is similar to the trust fall as each man is at the mercy of his partner. If you're done your beer and your partner is not, you must continue to hold his cock and beans until he is done. He can now release yours But you have to hold his pickle until he's done.
Hey Ed look at that...Dom spun the wheel of destiny and has to love chug with Dan.
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A classy woman's way to offer her lover filacho, in which she happily swallows.
"Darling, how much longer is your meeting? I'm getting impaient fantasizing about my pre dinner Love Chug."
by TarotChick82 February 21, 2018
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