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A person who is so addicted to lottery tickets they become a major pain in the arse in "convenience" store lineups due to holding up people who are genuinely in a hurry. Lotto-heads often compound the time-management problem by searching for the cheapest pack of cigarettes the store carries, thus forcing the cashier to scan numerous brands of smokes until the cheapest pack is found.

Often a person on their way to work stops at the corner store and ends up getting stuck behind a compulsive gambler who should be feeding their addiction in a casino rather than holding up customers who are in a rush. As the lotto-head fusses about validating tickets, trying to pick winning numbers / scratch tickets etc. the customer behind them becomes late for work.
Gambler - "I'll get the extra on that one and that one and the bonus on that one, NO not that one, the one beside it, also can I get a...let's see, do you have any Western's? eh, are those Gold Rush tickets any good I wonder?, I guess I'll try the Bingo instead. Oh and, what are your CHEAP cigarettes? Do you have John Player's Standard?, no eh, everybody else carries them in the 20 packs, oh I guess I'll try the Accord Blue, how strong are they?

Cashier -"Sorry sir, I don't smoke, I don't really know but a lot of customers get these new Studio smokes"

Customer behind gambler clenches teeth and thinks to himself "F***, now I'm late for work, these lotto-heads without jobs... I feel like saying something"
by paul5150 December 17, 2009
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