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Literally, an SMS text message that is mistakenly interpreted by the recipient to mean something other then what the sender meant the message to convey. This is a common problem as the limitations of characters that fit into a standard SMS text message require the sender to abbreviate or otherwise cut out words making the message harder to understand, hence lost in textlation.
Any text can be misinterpreted as grammer is rarely used so even a simple text like:

A text that says "what are you doing?" could be interpreted by the recipient to mean what are they doing that very minute or it could be a critique from the sender asking the recipient what the hell they are doing, i.e. what's their problem. This rather simple example demonstrates lost in textlation.

When matters of relationships are discussed via text, that is where things can really become problematic.
by Moishe February 04, 2008
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Whenever you're texting a friend and you read a message that could be interpreted as honesty or sarcasm, but are not sure without voice tone or facial expressions to differentiate.
Girl: Let's hang out weekend!

Boy: You're the last person I'd want to hang out with.

Girl: Wait, what? Is he joking? Another one lost in textlation.
by MonjGanj March 23, 2010
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When sacarsm, humor, wit, emapthy, apathy, and really just everything gets twisted, lost, confused, royally screwed, and taken too far via texting and/or sexting.

Emoticons are a lame ass way to make this easier.
Jen's morning after text to Steve: "Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you last night that I have Herpes."

Jen...still waiting....wondering why Steve hasn't called.

Jen should've used a smiley face to prevent her "humor" being lost in textlation. :)
by soggywhitebread March 23, 2011
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This is when a text message was sent meaning one thing, but was misinterpreted by the recipient either because they couldn't hear the intonation in the senders voice, didn't realize it was meant jokingly and/or sarcastically, or, any other misinterpretation of the text message senders true and original meaning.
"Dude, I was definitely joking when I said your Mom was at my house. I can't believe you got mad. It was just "lost in textlation."
by Pot4Scott November 17, 2014
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