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When your profile name is 'Lost Chats'. In social networking and dating apps, when you have saved conversations, and the network lost your saved conversation data. In actuality, people get tired of dating apps because they can hold a negative social stigma for meeting a partner or for just looking to get laid because it makes them look like a slut. People get frustrated and delete the said dating app deleting all its data with it. Specifically notable for this is Grindr. After a person gives in to being a slut again, they download the app, and log back in. They now discover all their conversations have been erased. They label their profile name lost chats to let the other headless torso sluts know to send a picture of themselves or say something to refresh their memory of who they are because they can't keep track of an entire city you're whoring yourself out to.
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by Uncoiledpeak June 17, 2018
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