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Personal ad subculture, particularly the urban personal ad subculture of downtown creative failures, as defined in the cult urban novel The Losers' Club by Richard Perez
1. Ain't gettin' no play at work, Ima' join the losers club.

2. Joining the losers club, shhht? I'm already part of that club!

3. Writers, artists, wanabees? ... Naw, I don't play that! That's the losers club!
by David B. Guralnik January 10, 2008
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The best gang consisting of 11 beautiful and funny girls. they are all very nice and love going out. often complain about how much they miss eachother.

In the group, there is:
the editor: makes edits of the group
the tiktoker: always on tiktok so doesn’t know what’s happening

the mua: skillfull with makeup get beautiful without it
the one that everyone has a crush one: is loyal to their boyfriend, even though many people like her
the left out one: chooses not to go with the group when they invite them
the indecisive one: always ask for opinions, then gets mad if you choose the wrong one
the cute and pretty one: always having sleepovers because everyone likes her, got played by boys
the one that never talks on the chat: so inactive, stop!!
the one with cute pets: always sends pictures of their pets, so cute!
the one that is new to the group: needs to prove their loyalty to the group!
the one who hangs out with outsiders: still very involved
Usually always together, and love eachother
Woah, i wish i was part of the losers club!! i’m so jealous
by THISBITCHLOVESU April 08, 2020
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