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A person which might clean or organize items in such a way they actually become lost or misplaced. Lost + organize + lorganize. This person often has no recollection of the items they might be cleaning up or organizing, out of sight, out of mind as they say. The items lost or misplaced are often put in locations that don't make sense and you might never guess were there while looking for them.
Babe, have you seen my keys? They were sitting right here on the table.
No honey, haven't seen them. Sorry.
(after looking around the house for an hour.....)
WTF!! Who put them in the junk drawer!
Ohhh, that might have been me honey, sorry, now I remember..they were sitting out on the table while I was organizing the house.
You are such a lorganizer! You really need to stop lorganizing my shit!
by mybitchess February 13, 2013
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